Case study: Journaling feature for Notion

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What is journaling?

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis
Dont’s of journalind apps

User research

  • First of all no intimate information on Notion! Why? Because people are mostly using Notion for organizing their work, they are frequently sharing some of their notes and pages with other collaborators. For this reason, all of my users were opposed to keeping a personal diary on Notion
  • Fear of white page. The common pain point for all four users was a fear of a white page. It really not this obvious to start writing “something”. All users told me that they deal with this just fine, when they need to write something for the work, but do struggle greatly to write something for themselves. This struggle creates frustration and even a feeling of guilt and anxiety.
  • Guiding steps. While discussing the feeling of being lost in front of the white page. some of the users told that some kind of guidance would be helpful. Together we found an example of “Wreck this journal” as something that could be an inspiration for this.
  • Organizing ideas. All users told me that one of the main points to keep notes for them is to memorize different moments of their life and to keep track of their creative ideas.
  • Notifications. Finally, the users told that finding the motivation to write is a big pain point. For them, the possibility to have some kind of notification could be helpful.
Redefining the “journal”.

User flow and new features

  • Journaling home page that encourages to adapt writing as a creative habit. Here the user will give him/herself permission to “create junk”.
  • Guiding templates for creative writing: description of an image, haiku, textual game “ Colossal cave adventure”.
  • Widget/Notification with a funny proposition to write something every day.

User tests and Iterations

  • 3 users of Notion (the interviewed users )
  • 2 non-users of Notion

I. Template choice

II. Journal homepage

III. Hide information

IV. Widget


What’s next?




Hi! I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Paris.

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Kulikova Anna

Kulikova Anna

Hi! I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Paris.

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